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Canvas Accommodation Tents

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With over 40 years’ experience, Kenya Tents Ltd, proudly provides its customers with a variety of tent products, rental services and other related products from car covers to parking shade awnings. We can and have adapted at a moment’s notice from consultation to design, and right through to manufacturing from highly specialized military tents to United Nations refugee tents, emergency hospital tents to recently providing the field tents to the Kenyan Government and Non-governmental organizations.

Textile Manufacturing

Textile Division

Kenya Tents has invested heavily to upgrade its textiles division so as to meet the ever increasing demand for cotton canvas. This makes us a vertically integrated manufacturer i.e. from production of the canvas fabric through to the finished products. Kenya Tents is the only company manufacturing the specialized canvas fabric in the region.

Tensile Structures

Flexible Fabric Membrane Structures

We offer tensile fabric structures. We can design and build anything from a small tensile structure by a poolside to a fabric roof for a stadium, through our design and fabrication associates in the USA, Germany and Italy. We have invested in automated cutting, seaming equipment, software and human resources training in order to make this level of service a reality for our clients.

PVC Fabric Sheets

Cutting, Welding & Sewing

We offer a full service PVC fabric cutting, fabric welding and sewing operations for the industrial markets Kenya Tents continues to develop and distribute products suited for various venues. We offer a range of standard products and also manufacture custom sizes and designs to clients requirements.